Beeba » Hello!!!!!
Pander » Very very very long time, and no talk. How have you been?
7oneders » I'm playing the "Non-tagging" game and I am not "it" and I am not tagging you and you are not "it".
jasmine » you'll always be my baby xxxxxxxx
Tuffstuff » its been awhile
jasmine » love you, miss you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx keep dreaming peter pan
7oneders » And to think i would never hear from you!
7oneders » Hi there.
jasmine » <3 Love you blue xxxxxxxxxxxxx
irynna » its been a while since my last visit here ..just want to say hello
Elisa (Europa Italia » Congratulations on a beautiful website Loved everything on your site and you did a magnificent job. You should be proud of yourself visit and comment my site, please Elisa
Rocker » Hey! You might remember me, lol. I started blogging again on a different site and I had hoped you were still blogging. Hope you come back.
Neracruz » Hi from Italy, Kev.... Have a nice day
Jane » Hey there! You used to tag on my old blog, unfortunately, the site has been hacked. Im gonna link u on my new one k? Take care.
Oswuari » Happy New Year! May it be a bright one.
~*~ M ~*~ » Checking on you updating.. I did.. come by and comment...
Oswuari » baby, it's gonna be lonely without you.
Oswuari » <3
7oneders » I have a new agony blog for bloggers. Click on my name to see it. Nothing is done yet, we need your support!
7oneders » I have a new agony blog for bloggers. Click on my name to see it. Nothing is done yet, we need your support!
7oneders » Hey skelton, long time no chat!
[D][o][o][F] » K, Sorry last link wasn't clickable. So just click my name this time, that might work
[D][o][o][F] » Myself, I also have myspace Check it out if you'd like. Thanks again for commenting on my tagboard.
[D][o][o][F] » Sup, Thanks for commenting back bro, Umm, Seriously man, that comment for that post over there---> It was freakin huge. Change locations? To where? I've heard of this place called "Facebook"
[D][o][o][F] » Thank for commenting over on my site, I plan on updating soon
[D][o][o][F] » See, WTF, It shows up here... DAMN BLOGDRIVE!! GRRR
[D][o][o][F] » Man, I have been commenting like mad over there on your post section. It just iant showing up...DAMN IT!!!!!!!!
[D][o][o][F] » Didn't have enuff time for the ole' "DooF" huh? It's cool! I still got love and respect for ya!!
~*~ M ~*~ » I would comment if it would let me, Oh Well Maybe another day
mellowyellow » Hello!
herbert » hello from germany
Sweet Marie » it's nice to hear from you, and hello. I have missed you very much
blueskelton » test
joy-joy » hi. bloghopping.
Peter » Steve Irwin loved his job so much he was willing to die for it. Truly unfortunate.
ann » Interesting site
7oneders » Hi blue, that post wasn't done by me but by my bro. Thanks anyway for your comments.
Magic » hi blue...good to have you back...we missed having yah 'round!!
Sevencrows » SKELTON! You're back. Triple 'yay' with caramel, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and sprinkles on top.
jasmine » No need for apologies blue, just glad to have you back And besides, i knew you'd come back, cause you are my greatest ally, dont you recall
jasmine » <3<3<3<3 You Read my Mind, And came bAck when I commented you, yay. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[D][o][o][F] » GUESS WHO'S BACK!!! BLUE IS BACK!!!
mellowyellow » Hey! Your back - great - hope you had a lively summer
blueskelton » tuffstuff i have lost your url somehow leave me a line
jasmine :) » Blueeeeeee,,,, is the best <3 <3 <3
Tuffstuff » it's been awhile but I'm glad to see your still alive and writing ^_^
Wookie » Hey whats up keep up the blogging im back now
Oswuari » be well
7oneders » Hi, it's been very long. Hope to see you by someday.
The Doctor » hi blue
ArmlessJohn » hey!
me... » I'm convinced you have fallen off the planet. I hope your well!
mellowyellow » Great to hear from you Blue
Sevencrows » haha, just read "Finding Marilyn". Crazy. How's life swinging for you these days? Stay groovy, Skelton.
Oswuari » kiss~!
mellowyellow » Hello blue - are you still about?
Magic » hi blue...
nobe » reading ur thoughts..
jasmine » blue i miss you *sobs* hurry back baby xxxxxxxxxx
~*~ M ~*~ » Hey... Doof and Myself have both updated... Don't forget to check out our drawings. the links at the top left corner. God Bless Ya...
Oswuari » Samurai Champloo is the shizznit
Nana Stacy » Happy Thursday!!!
[D][o][o][F] » Glad to see you back.
Hope » Long time no talk. How are you doing Blue?
J f Z » very gonzo-like! Heh.
18monkeys » damn blue.. i miss you...
~*~ M ~*~ » Happy Easter Blue!
7oneders » Happy easter everybody!
mellowyellow » Happy Easter Blue
Cai » daan lng po...
C.J » blue is bombastic..check out my blue blog:
jasmine » yaaaay everything is blue my lovely i hope everythings wonderful for you too! i miss you!!! talk soon xxxxxxxxxxxxx
7oneders » Hey, thanks for updating my link, really didn't heard from you for a while
Oswuari » you are rockin' my fuckin' socks off
mellowyellow » Hellooooo! Hows you?
Magic » hi blue...cheers...
plh » wonkaaaa wonkaaaaa hehehe
Sinja » Hey man, what's up? How's it going? You need to update and stop being a stranger!
7oneders » Hi, i['m deleting my old blog next week.
jasmine » hiya i was away n germany hope u had a gr8 st patricks day. Im awaitin a new post my lovely. Love u lots *muah* xxxxxxx
TinyDancer » Hey, Blue! It's TD - glad to be back in the world of blogging again ... I've been outta commission for a while. Hope things are well with you! xoxo, TD
7oneders » My old site will be no longer in two weeks, do update my address
plh » Blue where have you been lately? not to mention our friend Daveman has gone missin nearly a month now & nobody knows where - keep in touch kiddo OK?
cazzmere48 » hey whats up
Oswuari » BLUE! I LOVE YOU!
Rocker » Hey. It's been a while, just stopping by to read and of course, make my presence known.
jasmine » hey hey my lil bluebell hee hee hows u doin? Hope everythins good xxxx
[D][o][o][F] » BlueMan, thanks for stopping by, glad to see your doing good..
Oswuari » blue, can i have an immaculate conception with you?
jasmine » oh and thankyou for my comment...ur like a brother lmao
jasmine » blue i love u u are th bestest dont ever change lol xxxxx
iRYNNA » are you?
robin » can take down my link, I've shut down my blog for good. Life has become way too hectic...keep rockin!
Oswuari » be fulfilled.
jaz » happy valentines day *muah* love and kisses xxxxxx
plh » ~*~ happy valentines day ~*~
Lyly » Happy Valentine's Day, blue!
18monkeys » hey there you.. hope you time is great. thats too bad you feel bad..
jaz » hey blue u little star have you caught yourself a girl :-o wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooo *dances*
letti » hey blue, good to see ya back!