Entry: R.I.P. Steve Irwin Sep 4, 2006

I always knew it would end somehow like this for old Steve Irwin. But yet somehow that did erase the shock I felt when I heard of his passing. The first time I saw the man he was holding a spider that contained enough venom to kill a twelve ton elephant. If the spider were to have bitten him it would have killed him before he hit the ground.  I have related that story a thousand times and have enjoyed the years of antics which followed. But sadly for all his fans and his family, our time together has run out. Steve Irwin was killed yesterday when a stingray stung him through his heart. I find his death somehow appropriate to the way he lived but that does not take away my sadness. I feel like something good and wild has passed from the world. My condelences go out to the Irwin family. Rest in peace, Steve aka Crocodile hunter. I will leave you with but one word... Kreikies


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September 7, 2006   03:07 AM PDT
if no one else will say it, i will.

while i respect him for the money he donated to so many worthy causes as well as the attention he brought to so many species of animals...

i cant help but admit that when he was alive, i couldnt stand him. what gave his show ratings was the fact that instead of watching nature from a distance without disrupting the natural balance, he'd go stomping through in those great big boots with an entire tv crew behind him.

its one thing for a man of his experience to irritate the hell out of wild animals. it's quite another for him to be bringing along a party to film his antics.

one of the most disturbing consequences of his hit show was the many knockoffs it inspired. there were two on MTV, i believe, and i think they may have starred the Jackass kids. i think. for some reason my memory insists it was the Bang Bus guys, but i know that's not correct.

my point is, i believe he did more harm than good for the animal community. while he brought attention to many endangered species and gave a large percentage of what he earned exploiting nature back to them, he also inspired many c-list celebrities and numerous thrill seekers to follow in his footsteps.

when it comes down to it, Steve Irwin was little more than a glorified Rodeo Cowboy. but instead of tying the testicles of his victims in painful knots he'd come crashing through their territory, poke them with sticks, and either either tackle them or snatch them up.

he got great footage that boosted ratings but he also scared many animals away from their established territories.

was steve irwin an animal activist with a genuine love for nature? yes. was steve irwin a good husband/father? it appears so.but lets not get so caught up in respecting the dead that we forget the fact that he used exploitation as entertainment.

and that, my friends, is not right.
September 7, 2006   01:41 AM PDT
well said man. I remeber one show were he just got on a surfboard, boots and all and hit some 30 footers.
September 5, 2006   11:22 AM PDT
Very Well Done Blue!!

September 4, 2006   05:39 AM PDT
Poor poor guy...
Rest In peace,

He will always be a legend.


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