Entry: Life in the Badlands Aug 21, 2006

As the flames turned into ash, the fire inside of my eyes raged. Mythological creatures danced in front of my vision and I slipped into another world. I have always longed for the bliss of enlightenment but the world I have entered is a place of sadness. This place is evil and I have brought my own demons. Magic has run astray in this place.  All I have to rely on is my old magic and my faith.


But I no longer practice the dark arts. In spite of it all, kindness and stealth have become my allies. And I can only hope that my lonely path will lead me to a better place. I hope that path leads to a giant poppy field so that I may live my life with the only love that has ever been good to me, however opiate induced it might be. I miss the delusional creature I so long to become. More than anything I want to transform from this flesh into legend. I want my mythology to rival those of Ancient Rome and China.


But for now I must live a life of pain. My fingers ache from too many tasks and my joints burn brightest of them all. I have a long walk in front of me and there is no hope that there is any reward waiting at the end of it all. Death may be my greatest reward. But it is not my time and this is not how I go.  The world I have created is too nice albeit lonely. But some of us were born to be lonely ghosts. I have always wanted to drift along someone’s side. But humans are unreliable and demons have been the only constant company I have ever known. I am determined however to conquer them all. I am not afraid.


And so I will continue to wander in this Bad Land dodging cruel evil men, and dark enchantresses.  My faith will endure and God willing I will find a better place. The time has come hero work. This is an occupation that I am not suited for but I must attempt it nonetheless.  I guess that most heroes were not prepared at the beginning journey. Who knows what I will find. Stranger things have happened. Maybe I will find the light at the end of the tunnel but just like Andy Dufresne I will have to crawl through a mile of shit to see my redemption on the other side.


September 6, 2006   09:17 AM PDT
Figuratively speaking, I can relate to your work. Your writing, despite being incomplete, was a great read and managed to invoke certain emotions. ;)
August 22, 2006   09:32 PM PDT
Killer peice of writing mate.
August 22, 2006   02:16 PM PDT
heh dont feel bad it is very incomplete and just a snippet. I am in very good spirits and I am not lonely. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts.
~*~ M ~*~
August 22, 2006   10:47 AM PDT
Okay, I can tell you this much... I was so into reading this, but kinda confused at the same time. I stay confused alot, LMAO... Oh Well...
Great Post Blue,
~*~ M ~*~
jasmine :)
August 21, 2006   07:06 PM PDT

are so so so back.

I STILL love you.

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